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4 reasons to go on a luxury family safari

It’s so special, so unique. The emotion felt when we see the endless savannah and the wild animals from the plane: nature in its purest. Once on land, the experience gets more personal. We are finally there, we have arrived. There is no greater happiness than sharing that experience, and what’s better than sharing it with the people closest to our hearts? A luxury family safari is an adventure that shines its own light even more intensely because it is shared.

Understandably, there are doubts and concerns when it comes to traveling with family, especially if you are traveling with children. Is it worth it? Of course, it is! Take a look at these 4 reasons we have prepared to go on a luxury family safari.

1. Planning a luxury family safari can be easy

Traveling with the family has its challenges. All parents know that. Just taking the little ones to school is a major logistical effort. Traveling to another continent carrying everyone can be overwhelming. However, there are solutions.

In principle, you don’t have to do everything yourself. There are experienced travel advisors, like those that are part of our team at Forest Travel, who can make the whole process easier:

  • Advisors help with organizing the trip: from visa requirements, itineraries, and points-of-contact, to
  • booking tours, making dinner reservations, and even airport pickup;
  • they travel with you –in spirit: make recommendations for the trip, advice about the location, have continuous contact, and
  • give support during the trip: in case of an incident or last-minute adjustments, and special requirements, among other details that may arise once the trip has begun,
  • and follow-up until the safe return home.

A luxury family safari with the support of a travel advisor is much easier and, above all, calmer: you have someone experienced to contact who can help solve your needs in planning and during the trip and until the return home.

2. Adventure brings people together

The experiences that involve an adventure are always special, and the bonds that are created when we live them together are strong and lasting. Seeing a giraffe, a zebra or your first free-roaming lion a few feet away certainly qualifies as an adventure.

These are new experiences for the youngest in the house and also for the parents who accompany them, even if the latter have gone on an African safari before (more on this point, later).

In my opinion, this is the best way to frame the experience that is going to be lived: a faraway adventure, almost like going to another world. Since the African savannah is so far removed from our everyday lifestyle in the cities, it seems surprising that it is on the same planet.

The excitement of going out every day to meet the animals and see them up close, listening to the guides’ stories, taking a balloon ride and even enjoying a meal in nature, are new and unique experiences that bring us closer to our family and are worth sharing.

3. Rediscover your family

Daily life and routine have their charm, without a doubt. But they tend to limit the experiences we have and accustom us to a certain range of interactions and emotions. We get used to seeing the people we love the most, our family, in the same light that conceals parts of them from us.

A family safari not only offers a change of light, but a variety of them to rediscover our family. The emotion on the faces of little ones and the excitement they see in ours when we go on a tour at the break of dawn, the expectation of discovering a cheetah, a herd of wildebeest, or a group of elephants in the distance.

Each conversation about these encounters or the desire for those encounters shows us a part of those people with whom we share our lives that is sometimes difficult to see during the daily routine.

Just seeing the person you decided to start a family with or your children under the African sky is a way of discovering them as you’ve never seen them before.

4. An oasis of comfort in the middle of wild nature

Yes, African safari sounds like off-road, wild, difficult terrain, and wide open spaces. A luxury family safari meets those expectations, without a doubt. One goes out into nature, to meet with it, one listens, feels, smells, and is moved by the discoveries that the journey brings. But also enjoys a comfort that rivals the experiences of renowned hotels in major cities.

The service and facilities that the lodges or tent camps offer are top-of-the-line. Gourmet food, rooms with a pool, dedicated security… Everything is designed to offer the traveler and their family a world-class experience.

This double experience: adventure, the outdoors, and nature, on the one hand, and the comfort, style, and tranquility of luxury lodges and luxury tented camps, on the other, makes the trip even more special (take a look at this quick guide to find out the difference in accommodations available in an African safari

Undoubtedly, it is like a dream when you see a group of elephants pass just a few hundred feet away from your room or the hotel restaurant. Just a little something to bring back home.

These four reasons are, in my opinion, enough to consider a luxury family safari. I’m sure that once you decide to make the trip, you will find many more, as well as memories, connections, and moments of emotion that will accompany you for the rest of your life.
Perhaps the memory of an unforgettable journey is the fifth and last reason for an adventure trip. In the end, we can recall a memory whenever we want and relive it with those who accompanied us, the most important people, our family.

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