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Welcome to Finland, where the enchanting beauty of nature meets unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Forest Travel invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey through this Nordic gem, where every moment is infused with opulence and adventure. Immerse yourself in the magic of Finnish Lapland, where the Northern Lights dance across the night sky and luxury lodges nestled in the snow-capped wilderness offer an escape like no other. Discover the vibrant culture and timeless elegance of Helsinki, where world-class dining, designer boutiques, and historic landmarks await your exploration. Whether you seek the thrill of husky sledding through pristine landscapes or the indulgence of a private sauna experience under the midnight sun, Finland promises to delight and enchant even the most discerning traveler.

Experience the epitome of luxury in Finland with Forest Travel. Explore the Arctic wonderland of Finnish Lapland, where exclusive wilderness resorts provide the perfect setting for intimate encounters with nature. Traverse the picturesque archipelago of Turku, where private yacht charters and luxury island retreats offer seclusion and serenity amidst the Baltic Sea. Unwind in the cosmopolitan charm of Helsinki, where five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, and chic boutiques cater to your every desire. Let Forest Travel curate a bespoke itinerary that showcases the best of luxury in Finland, from Arctic adventures to urban indulgences.


Luxurious Destinations Across Finland

Luxury destinations

Luxury Experiences Across Finland


Elevate your Finnish escape with bespoke luxury experiences curated by Forest Travel. Embark on a private reindeer safari through the snowy wilderness of Finnish Lapland, where you’ll glide across frozen landscapes in the company of expert guides. Indulge in a traditional Finnish sauna ritual, followed by a dip in a secluded ice pool or a refreshing swim in a pristine lake. Experience the thrill of ice fishing on a frozen lake, followed by a gourmet picnic featuring locally sourced delicacies prepared by a private chef. Whether you’re exploring the mystical beauty of the Ranua Wildlife Park or savoring a fine dining experience under the stars, let Forest Travel create a tailored itinerary that promises luxury, adventure, and unforgettable memories.


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