Corporate Travel Management

Business Travel Management

Anytime your company is traveling together, three things matter most: employee safety, reducing travel costs, and having a productive trip. At Forest Travel, our thorough approach to business travel management takes care of the smaller details involved in corporate travel to ensure your team can focus on the projects at hand.

Tools For Success

There’s no reason for employees to spend their valuable time trying to dig up cheap airfare and accommodations. It’s frustrating, inconsistent, and time would be better spent planning for the work ahead on their business trips. Through our partnerships with today’s leading travel applications, we can show you how to streamline travel policy enforcement, save money on booking, and receive real-time expense reporting from the palm of your hand.

By negotiating rates on your behalf, our experts can help you save anywhere from 18-30% on overall travel spending for items such as plane tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars. With our expertise, you can put together a corporate travel policy that ensures consistent spending, convenient booking, and overall trip efficiency.

Committed to Excellence

What separates Forest Travel from other travel agent companies, is that our business travel management goes above and beyond to ensure trips happen according to plan. Beyond our commitment to reducing your travel spending, we strive for excellence in duty of care, mitigating potential risks wherever we can. In addition to planning out where employees will stay and how they will get to their destinations, we offer 24/7 support to help answer questions or troubleshoot problems in moments of need.

With our insight into the travel industry and over 30 years of experience as one of the top travel agent companies, we remain up-to-speed on the latest trends and services to make corporate travel as effortless as possible.