Bespoke Travel and Luxury Hotels in Western Sahara

The Enigma of North Africa in Comfort

Western Sahara, a disputed territory in North Africa, remains an enigmatic destination that captivates intrepid travelers. Its vast deserts and secluded coastlines make for a serene and luxury travel experience, far removed from the ordinary.

Five-star hotels may be sparse, but that doesn’t mean you’ll compromise on comfort. Luxury desert camps provide a lavish retreat with opulent tents, gourmet meals, and stargazing opportunities that are out of this world.

Travel ideas here span a unique spectrum, from exploring abandoned Spanish colonial towns to windsurfing on the Atlantic coast. Take a guided tour on a camel or 4×4 to explore the mystical landscapes, dotted with ancient rock art that tells tales of a bygone era. Western Sahara offers an exotic and private experience, wrapped in luxury.