Private Space Travel

Do you dare to think about private space travel? Forest Travel has proudly partnered with Richard Branson's bold space company, Virgin Galactic. Planning this once in a lifetime experience with us gives you the chance to work with a bonafide space travel company. 

For decades, traveling to space has been the dream. What's long been considered the realm of science fiction is finally a reality. Space travel is no longer limited to books, movies, and pipe dreams. If you're tired of trips to the French Riviera or safaris in Kenya, then you need more. Heading off to space to join the stars in the sky is the next logical step. With Forest Travel, it's possible.

Climb Aboard Virgin Galactic Spaceship

Private space travel isn't a fantasy. It's a fact, and you have the chance to book a ticket. Our relationship with Virgin Galactic creates the opportunity to see the final frontier for yourself. Reserving your spot in space means that you also have a designated seat on the second ever SpaceShipTwo, which was named the VSS Unity by the late, brilliant Stephen Hawking.

As Virgin Galactic rolls out its out-of-this-world space travel plans, it will couple with space travel companies—like Forest Travel—to promote the ship and its itineraries to potential customers. As a result, you yourself could be cruising above the Earth's atmosphere with panoramic views of the starry cosmos spread out before you. Can you imagine floating through space in the lap of luxury?

Uncover the possibilities of private space travel through the partnership between Forest Travel and Virgin Galactic. Learn more here.