Weighing the Pros and Cons of In-house and External Corporate Travel Management

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of In-house and External Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management has now gained popularity for its unmatched expertise and Travel services. This major change of trends is a result of awareness regarding the importance of managing your company’s travel expense budget. Every year the corporate sector spends heavy amounts of money on their business travel, which results in huge portions being extracted from their annual budgets. This is where a corporate travel management company steps in as such companies aim to maximize your savings, reduce costs, and provide impeccable customer service and relevant travel options. 

However, there are two types of travel programs. These include In-house and external programs. The article below will give a descriptive analysis of the benefits of both so that you can choose one as per your comfort and taste.

In-house means that your company has an employee whose job description includes travel management. This person will be held responsible for bookings, handling last minute changes, ensuring that your company uses deals which help in maximization of their savings and that each employee is delivered with utmost comfort and convenience through the trip.

On the other hand, external travel management means that your company is taking travel services from an agency that is specialized in the area of corporate travel and has a group of experienced and well-equipped individuals who are available as per your convenience all the time. Not only this, these companies provide you with a ready to use online booking tool, offer reports that can lead to higher cost savings, create itineraries for your employees and also ensure his/her safety by making it easier to track them.

The good and bad of having an in-house travel management system

When corporate travel management is in-house, your company is working with a trusted employee who is chosen by them, and hence would best suit the profile of the candidate they wanted. Also, having someone closely available makes planning easier and increases the amount of comfort that you have when making business travel plans. Due to this, travel reports are easier to get.

It is important for employed travel managers to be aware of the patterns of traveling as this will help them stay on top of their game and also enable them to be prepared for bookings. If travel is seasonal instead of being spread throughout the year, the company is already under the financial burden of salaries. This helps keep the company updated regarding the true cost of traveling.

Hiring an employee to take care of your company’s traveling may not give fruitful results as the employee may not be an expert in the field.

As an addition to that, there is a high possibility that the individual you have employed is not available at a certain time. In desperate times, your company will have no alternative at all and will subsequently be in the state of ‘un-called for’ panic and chaos.

The good and bad of having an external corporate travel system

When you are using the travel services of a proper travel management company, it instantly ticks all the boxes that you create to fulfill your company’s demands on an idealistic employee. You get every travel service as per your requirement under one roof and on only a few links.

Moreover, a proper corporate travel management program would make you aware of its true cost as your payment is for its service and not directed to an employee, all costs are explicit and can be made in any way you deem fit. 

They record patterns of travel help track your employees, optimize savings and also comply with your corporate travel policy. To ensure that whatever travel services you use are suitable for the policy structure of your company, travel management companies give you the option to filter your searches accordingly.

Moreover, as you are not dependent on a specific individual or team for you to avail corporate travel services, the likelihood of you being left stranded with no one to depend on is extremely minimal. The best part about an efficient corporate travel management company such as Forest Travel is its availability at all times. Forest Travel holds your company’s satisfaction just as important as your employees.

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