Corporate Travel ROI

A complete focus on travel ROI

By understanding your business travel costs, you have the opportunity to maximize corporate travel savings through a myriad of ways.

At Forest Travel, we can work with you to optimize your travel budget and implement travel policies to increase your return on investment (ROI).

Review: Calculate Cost vs. Benefits

Using the Cost vs. Benefits Calculator available at Forest Travel, you can get a visual reference covering the key differences between non-automated reporting processes and automated travel solutions.

To analyze your potential corporate travel savings, we ask you to input information based on how things work in your office. To begin with, you can let us know the number of expense reports you enter manually for the month. Based on an average cost of $43 per filing, we can let you know how much is spent to file expense reports on a monthly basis. Then, our tool allows you to view the business travel costs associated with using the Concur Travel & Expense platform. You’ll see for yourself why automating each process is not only more efficient, but it’s ultimately more cost-effective.

Negotiated Contracted Rates

A major part of what we do here at Forest Travel is negotiating the best rates for airfare, hotel stays, and transportation depending on your employee’s specific needs. After analyzing your monthly travel expenses and spending patterns, we can find out how much money you can save by instituting a rental car policy or joining certain hotel programs. We’ll then speak with our brand partners directly to find the lowest rates available, while abiding by the guidelines set in your travel policy. 

Our travel agent service fees are easily covered by the corporate travel savings of anywhere between 18-30% you can enjoy with Forest Travel.