Travel Risk Management

Travel risk management can involve many practices and security measures, but it comes down to protecting your employees, your company, and your bottom line when your employees travel. Wherever the company goes, employees represent your business and speak volumes about your brand.

Forest Travel can equip you with the insight and tools necessary to ensure that anyone traveling for your company is safe and secure. Many employers may be unaware of the scope of protection needed to guarantee that employees are comfortable, healthy, and able to fulfill their responsibilities day to day. Our corporate travel agency can keep you up-to-date on the best practices and implement successful travel risk management solutions.

Leaving No Box Unchecked

Some aspects of travel risk management seem obvious, such as creating a travel policy so that your employees have consistent company-wide rules, regulations, and restrictions during both the booking process and period of travel. If you need assistance, our services are available to help create a new travel policy altogether or tweak your current one to better suit the needs of the travelers.

However, many travel risk management solutions aren’t always considered, as they typically come from experience. Here are a few questions you should be asking before takeoff:

  • What are the potential health risks of your destination? (Diseases, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Are there medical facilities in the region of travel?
  • Do any employees have medical conditions which may need attention abroad?
  • Have you established a permanent emergency phone line?

Aside from asking the important questions above, an incredible protective measure for emergency situations would be applying for the Smart Traveller Enrollment Plan, which automatically sends travel warnings and will grant citizens support from nearby foreign embassies if needed. Last, but certainly not least, we’d recommend extending travel policies to include family members of employees for cases of emergency as well.

Beyond The Policy

Travel risk management policies benefit you, your employees, and your business as a whole. When you work with Forest Travel, you aren’t just getting over 30 years in the business of devising the best travel policies for risk mitigation, you also get the experience of the past hurdles we’ve helped top brands climb over. Find out what Forest Travel can do to help you manage the risks associated with your corporate travel program.