Travel Industry Trends for 2021

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February 22, 2021
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April 21, 2021
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Travel Industry Trends for 2021

With 2020 behind us and vaccines being slowly but surely administered to the public, a new dawn for the travel industry is approaching. By observing recent industry trends, we can confidently predict some future travel industry trends on the horizon in 2021. Read on to learn what travel trends are just around the corner.

Remote Incentive Events Will Increase in Popularity

Employees who have spent the past several months (or even the whole year) working remotely are likely to feel a sense of disconnect from their employers and coworkers. We’re already seeing a new travel industry trend of incentive events, in which remote workers safely meet their coworkers face-to-face for some company bonding.

The importance of in-person corporate meetings and business travel was reaffirmed this past year, as an aspect of business that we took for granted suddenly became a rare luxury. According to the Harvard Growth Lab, corporate travel is highly correlated with the economy, and a rise in global GDP is often linked with a rise in corporate travel. Evidently, corporate travel and face-to-face meetings are not only integral parts of doing business, but also the global GDP as a whole. 

We suspect post-pandemic corporate events to spark a significant travel industry trend. If you’re considering arranging such an event for your remote employees, then it’s important to design an event that both boosts morale and keeps employees safe. 

Rigorous Health and Safety Measures Will Become the New Normal

The intensive health and safety structures implemented in the travel industry during the past year won’t be going away overnight. In fact, measures such as sanitization, social distancing, and face masks are the new standards for the foreseeable future. The pandemic has already left a lasting impact on international and domestic travel safety measures.

This travel industry trend shows no signs of stopping, which is a positive development — these stringent safety standards make employees more willing to travel to work again. Fittingly, corporations are increasingly demanding tight standards for their regular travelers in hotels, transportation, and event spaces. The health safety bar is much higher than it used to be, but because it increases the safety of travelers, this is a necessary and not-so-temporary trend. 

Duty of Care Will Become a Top Priority For Corporations

An employer’s legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of its employees during travel is more important than ever. Duty of care policies and travel risk management have always been priorities for responsible employers, but protecting one’s employees now extends far beyond the norms once considered standard.

To best fulfill duty of care responsibilities to corporate travelers, companies will need the help of travel experts. Now more than ever, corporations who regularly engage in business travel will have to rely on travel advisors with the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to keep up with changing travel restrictions and practices.

Hotels and Other Travel Venues Will See a Boom in Technology

As health and safety measures skyrocketed in importance for high-density venues last year, so did innovations in rapid testing and travel management technology.

This travel industry trend is a natural response to high corporate demand. Hotels and event venues are increasingly requiring fast, automated, and accurate testing equipment, as well as better software to assess risks, monitor guests, remotely check temperatures, and plan events. 

These technological improvements had caught the travel industry’s attention long before the pandemic, but now that there is an urgent need for these services, scientists and engineers are working rapidly to help venues adapt to the modern world with an all-new technological infrastructure.

Sustainability Will Return to the Forefront

President Biden’s renewed commitment to the Paris Agreement is sure to increase public and private interest in sustainable travel. Airlines in particular will likely be forced to reconsider the environmental impact of fuel-guzzling short-haul flights. We may see other methods of transportation pushed by both corporations and governments in countries with appropriate infrastructure, such as rail travel in Europe.

Keep an eye on clean energy and environmental footprint policies in the next few years and their potential impacts on corporate travel programs. 

Trust Forest Travel to Keep You Up to Date with Travel Industry Trends

While the pandemic has left an altered travel economy in its wake, it has also launched a new era of travel industry trends and technological innovations. Here at Forest Travel, we’re excited and hopeful about the future of this ever-evolving industry.

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