Signs Your Company is Overdue for a Business Retreat

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March 6, 2020
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Signs Your Company is Overdue for a Business Retreat

While a company retreat is an expensive endeavor, many times it is the last resort for companies who are seeing a drop in morale throughout their office. If you think your company culture may be broken and needs some rejuvenation, a business retreat to revive your team and remind them of their responsibilities could be the key.

How do you know if your company is overdue for a retreat? Explore these top five reasons from Forest Travel today.

1. Frequent In-Office Conflict

If you’re seeing a rise in complaints with HR or there are actual arguments occurring between staff members, your team is in trouble. Sometimes interoffice conflict is a sign of clashing personalities, but for employees who have worked together for years to suddenly file grievances is unusual. Monitor office relationships to discover whether it’s new blood on the team that’s causing the discomfort or whether you’re overdue for a business retreat because your veteran employees are unhappy.

2. Lack of Confidence in Management

Many companies conduct anonymous surveys to analyze the performance of upper management. Have you noticed a drop in confidence for your managing team members? Sometimes, this is a sign that they’re participating in unethical behavior and pushing your lower level staff to their limits. Other times, your entry level team members may not trust their leaders. A business retreat can help build the necessary trust for a cohesive team and show you which management staff aren’t suited for their position.

3. Employees Feel Undervalued

As corporate retreat planners, the team at Forest Travel has seen a number of companies undervalue their employees without even realizing they’re doing it. If your staff feel that they’re putting in a lot of effort, but they’re not getting the raises, promotions, and benefits they think they deserve, a business retreat can bring their concerns to light. Utilize this time to delve into why they feel this way and brainstorm solutions to this problem.

4. No Accountability

A lack of accountability among your staff can be the most frustrating part of coming in to work. If poor performers and work culture offenders aren’t held accountable for their failings, the rest of your team could be extremely dissatisfied. 

Toxic work culture discourages team members from reporting their concerns and collective stewardship of your company will cease. A business retreat allows you to more closely monitor the actions of your staff and determine who needs to improve. It also bolsters staff confidence in upper level management when you address their concerns and reward hard work — leading to renewed concern and protection for your company.

5. Drop in Productivity

Have productivity levels in your office dropped? Are deadlines being missed and meetings being cancelled? You need to explore why this is happening. Generally, reliable team members see a drop in productivity because of low morale or lack of confidence in management. Both of these can be addressed through teamwork and assessment at a corporate retreat.

Learn more about what could be stifling your company when you book a retreat through our corporate retreat planners today.

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