Online Booking Tool

Corporate Travel Booking Tools

The process of corporate travel booking can overwhelm even the most organized businesses. The time-consuming struggle of searching for cost-effective airfare, hotels, and transportation steals both your productivity and your budget’s resources. Rather than becoming your own travel agent, invest in ones who specialize in this area. Our corporate travel booking tools allow you to maximize your time away from the office while minimizing costs at each step.

Leading Travel Applications

Forest Travel not only partners with the best  hotels, airlines, and travel networks in the world, but we also work with some of the top software development companies today. Our online corporate travel booking tools are designed to increase trip productivity, mitigate risk, and optimize your travel budget.

Concur Travel & Expense

The Concur platform streamlines expense management, itinerary sharing, and more. Employers can upload and enforce travel policies from a secure mobile app. Snapshots of employee purchases are auto-generated and stored in digital folders, so employees can submit expense reports while on the go. Managers can quickly view, approve, and reimburse purchases right from the app. Additionally, Concur allows you to combine all travel, expense, and invoice data, so that you can manage and forecast budgets with even more accuracy.

Duty of Care

We understand that upon arrival at your destination, employee tracking is of utmost importance. That’s why Forest Travel utilizes Magnatech’s premium duty of care application, SafeToGo, to mitigate any travel or safety risks. An essential component for peace of mind while travelling abroad, SafeToGo ensures your corporate travel booking will never be taken off guard by a flight cancellation, natural disaster, or worse. With GPS tracking, flight monitoring, and alert reporting, SafeToGo protects your trip from any unforeseen problems by allowing us to proactively assess and solve them.

Saved Preferences

If you’ve ever spent hours wondering how to book corporate travel, let us show you just how effortless it can be thanks to our corporate travel booking tools. Concur strikes the perfect balance between employee freedom and managerial oversight, while SafeToGo secures their safety. Frequent travelers can save their preferences and book trips with even more ease. Book a free consultation with one of our agents to learn more about Forest Travel’s corporate booking tools.