Virgin Galactic’s Recent Test Launch

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Virgin Galactic’s Recent Test Launch


Virgin Galactic’s Recent Test Launch

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is taking us one step closer to commercial space travel. Featured on NBC, Virgin Galactic recently had a successful test flight. Branson’s company took the world’s first commercial space liner Space Ship 2 (SS2), more than 71,000 feet into the air. Double the height flown by normal commercial airplanes, passengers will soon be able to fly high enough to see the roundness of the earth and the darkness of space above.

SS2 is a combination of carbon composite technology and is about 60 feet long. Its rocket motor and aerodynamic forces contribute to SS2’s stability and control. The 90’ diameter cabin allows for maximum room. Astronauts will have enough space to float in zero gravity. And no need to fight over the widow seat! Each passenger gets the same seating position with two large windows. The ship has one side window and one overhead giving passengers spectacular views of the suborbital atmosphere.

Forest Travel has confirms that nearly 700 people have already reserved their seat. The program is schedule to launch its first flights later this year. Tickets for this supersonic flight will cost about $200,000 and will increase to $250,000 June 1st, 2014.

Our accredited space agents wait with the rest of the world in anticipation fort his historic life changing experience.

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