Protected: The Latino American Who’s Who Recognizes David Mendal

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Protected: The Latino American Who’s Who Recognizes David Mendal


Protected: The Latino American Who’s Who Recognizes David Mendal

Miami, FL/LWW Press/March 7, 2013 – –David Mendal, President, Forest Travel Agency, was selected for inclusion in the 2013 edition of The Latino American Who’s Who. David’s involvement in the tourism and airline industries began at the early age of 9, when he worked at Avianca Airlines’ reservation center in Bogota, Colombia. At 16, while a student at Cushing Academy, David worked in a travel agency and serviced the worldwide travel plans of Cushing’s international student body. It was during this time that David learned to book and ticket global travel.

With his passion for travel firmly established, David started working at Forest Travel Agency as a reservation assistant. Two years later, at age 20, he became the manager of the agency. In this capacity, he handled both groups and individual reservations. By age 23, David had become one of the youngest travel agency owners in the United States; and Forest Travel one of the top agencies in the South East coast. David grew a $250,000 a year agency to a mega agency as featured in the South Florida Business Journal with sales exceeding $46 million annually and growing rapidly. He has achieved his great success by learning to manage worldwide airline, cruise, and hotel contracts and by creating an educational program for success in the travel industry.

In addition to Forest Travel Agency, David has expanded the agency to include many online and offline subsidiary divisions; these include Ultimate Jet Vacations, travel vacation packages on private jets; Prive Jets, worldwide brokerage of jets; Prive Yacht, private yacht charters; Linke Executive Travel Partners, regional air service connecting the northeastern United States; Luxury Hotel Experts, luxury upscale hotels; Luxury Cruise Connection, luxury upscale cruise vacation; Forest Direct, online booking tool; and lastly a partnership with Virgin Galactic, which offers clients a unique opportunity of space travel. Today’s newest venture is a regional aircraft service in Central and South America called Fly Executive.

Ultimate Jet Vacations ( emerged from years of serving high profile and demanding clients from around the world. These clients yearned for a new form of luxury travel that exceeded expectations and included the luxury of private jet travel, value-added amenities, and exclusive hotels and resorts worldwide. The resulting tour operator, Ultimate Jet Vacations, seamlessly combines these elements to provide custom-made vacation packages serviced by a highly experienced concierge team.

Luxury Hotel Experts is another brand of Forest Travel Agency and a collection of Virtuoso properties worldwide. Only those hotels and resorts that pass the stringent analysis of service, location, decor and amenities qualify to be featured as Luxury Hotel Experts properties. With the Luxury Hotel Experts website (, David has created an online community where busy clients can easily view and book exclusive hotels.

Prive Jets ( is one of Forest Travel’s most exclusive affiliates. It is a leading provider of private aviation and private jet charters, offering an enhanced experience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel through the dedication and expertise of our over 140 highly trained professional travel consultants and affiliates throughout the world. Prive Jets services all aviation requests, from helicopters to jumbo jets. Some of Prive Jets’ satisfied clientele include former heads of state, Fortune 500 companies and members of Royal Families.

With Forest Travel Agency serving as an umbrella for the Ultimate Jet Vacations, Luxury Hotel Experts, and Prive Jets brands, David has successfully incorporated all elements of travel to service even the most discerning clientele.

David was born in Bogota, Colombia on September 19, 1963. He was raised in Bogota, where he attended high school and later moved to New York City. At age 22 David made a permanent move to Miami where he currently resides.

David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts, as well as, an Associate of Art Degree from Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut. As an avid pilot and future civilian space traveler with Virgin Galactic, he also holds an FAA certified Commercial Pilot Rating. David is married and has three beautiful daughters.

The Latino American Who’s Who is a New York based biographical publication that selects and distinguishes leading Latino professionals throughout the world who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contribute to the growth of their industry and culture. The Latino Who’s Who promotes an awareness of the achievements of the Latino professional and executive by creating a networking platform to provide recognition of individual accomplishments. The annual registry of the Latino American “Who’s Who” is formatted as an elegant hard cover edition as well as an online edition that provides information on recognized individuals. It also contains cross references by names, professions and family country of origin.

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