France For Summer Travel 2014

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March 26, 2016
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France For Summer Travel 2014


France For Summer Travel 2014

La-vallée-village outlet boutiques offers significant reductions on the recommended retail price.

Les Soldes A Summer 2014 Highlight!
Value shopping is a travel feature in Paris, France for summer 2014. Amazing sales are set from the 25th of June 2014 spanning up till the 29th of July 2014.La Vallee Village has become increasingly popular to tourists and locals as a destination site for shopping in the city of Serris. During the big summer extravaganza, boutiques in LA Vallee Village offer over 120 high-end brands, like Valentino, Cavalli and Diesel. Visitors can anticipate taking advantage of great deals at exclusive factory shops on the outskirts of the countries capital.

It’s modern and contemporary art collection, houses over 50,000 pieces.

Paris, France renders travelers a treasured blend of thrilling and traditional cultural exposure. The Pompidou Centre, accompanies the best of both worlds with a vast array of works within its museum. Perfect for the whole family, Pompidou Centre includes a public library, a cinema, theatre, boutique shops and 5-star restaurants dedicated to local art and culture.Thrill seekers will also enjoy the all new Flight experience in Paris. Take flight with their model of the Boeing 737-800, designed with advanced technologies to offer guest an authentic yet simulated flying experience.

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