Extreme Sports In Hawaii

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Extreme Sports In Hawaii


Extreme Sports In Hawaii

Those who opt for a more thrilling holiday experience will appreciate what Hawaii has to offer! Images of sugary beaches, tranquil waters and lush greenery are enough to convince you that the beautiful and tropical place can be the greatest gift to yourself or friends and family.

Extreme Helicopter Ride

What’s the best way to see Kilauea (which means spewing in Hawaiian) then from the air. Your Forest Travel Advisor plan an amazing helicopter tour that offers passengers jaw-dropping volcanic views flying just 500 ft. above the lava and magma flows.

Kiteboarding Kite Beach, Maui

Participate in a combination of paragliding and surfing has been popular in Hawaiian waters. Some Maui surfers attach a 40 foot kite to themselves where 220-lb. man can be lifted 20 feet in the air while seasoned riders can easily hit speeds of 50 mph. Can you imagine taking flight over Hawaii’s magnificent waters?

Read to indulge in an extreme meal? How about feasting on a pit-roasted wild boar. Forest Travel guests will have the unique opportunity to track, catch and kill your own wild boar. Your advisor will pair you and your travelling partners with a Maui Hunting Expert that will teach lessons on how to hunt wild boar. This may not be for the faint. Traditionally, to slay your boar, guests will use a 6- to 8-inch blade and strike at the beast’s heart. Other gaming opportunities are available, speak your Forest Travel Advisor for more information.

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