Air France Introduces New Suite!

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Air France Introduces New Suite!


Air France Introduces New Suite!

May 7, 2014 – Air France unveiled its new La Première Suite aboard their Air France Boeing 777-300.

In an effort to once again separate from the competition, Air France has introduced the world to more than just a seat, but a private suite. The brand new La Première cabin ensures ultimate privacy (totally or at a minimum partially alone) while fortifying the idea of absolute comfort. The large seat can adapt into different forms alongside a personal 24-inch HD touch screen.

Privacy has long been a major issue aboard commercial flights. Air France, alongside their new La Première cabin, has resolved this standard inconvenience. Each suite is dressed with thick curtains that can be totally controlled by the passengers themselves. If closed, the passenger becomes totally isolated in his or her own private space. If and when the passenger is ready to sleep, the crew will install a mattress directly on the seat. Moreover, a pillow and personal duvet are provided.

Fortunate for friends and family, the suite can also be enjoyed with a fellow passenger. Directly across the main seat, another comfortable seat and an ottoman allows for company throughout the flight.

Clearly Air France has a made a progressive step to once again improve their passengers flight experience. More space and privacy paired with overall luxury will surely spark interest in the eyes of customers who are looking for a new flying standard.

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