2014 World Cup In Brazil – Great Summer Travel!

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2014 World Cup In Brazil – Great Summer Travel!


World Cup In Brazil – Summer 2014

The countdown begins! The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is days away. Members of the FIFA World Cup organizing committee have been working hard and with great intensity to prepare for this grand soccer tournament. Fans from all over the world are excited and overcome with anticipation for this “once every four years event!”

woman playing soccer

From June 12 to July 13, Brazil will be hosting dozens of exhilarating matches as teams fight for the World Cup Championship title. The first 3 games in the group stage of the tournament will be played in 12 different cities around Brazil. Soccer fans and tourists can follow their favorite teams while having the privilege to participate in the unique adventures Brazil has to offer!

Tourists who travel to the country for the World Cup will experience an unforgettable event. Brazil uses this opportunity to welcome visitors with open arms. Not only can guests attend matches, they are encouraged to witness the vastness of the Amazon River, adventure to Rio de Janeiro or relax at the many of beautiful beaches. Brazil is filled with breathtaking, untouched beauty. It’s colorful and enchanting.

brazilian landscape

Those looking to participate in city tours and other tourist attractions are up for a wonderful affair! Historic and cultural characteristics are engaging. Visitors will appreciate the authenticity of local activities. The food, art, and music are elements that enhance your time in Brazil as you explore the county’s major cities, visit popular landmarks and enjoy local festivities. Shakira’s new and unofficial song for this year’s biggest soccer tournament, can be heard at some of the country’s thrilling events!

If you are planning on traveling to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and you are not familiar with local accommodation, consider speaking with a luxury travel advisor. They will help coordinate your travel accommodations and plan your itinerary.

For more information on Brazil and the 2014 World Cup click here!

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