Rental Car Savings

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February 8, 2019
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Rental Car Savings

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The car-sharing market is booming. Projected to exceed 11 billion dollars within the next few years, a rental car program or car-sharing plan can change the way your team travels for business – and cuts costs on your bottom line in the process. Discover how easy it is to find car rental savings with the advice of a travel management company. Forest Travel matches you with the best car rental program to suit your business and budget. Here are some expert tips to get you started.

1. Put Safety First

You wouldn’t put yourself in harm’s way while traveling, and driving in unfamiliar territory may heighten the risk of accidental damage. Your company shouldn’t be responsible for doubling up on unneeded coverage. A customized online booking tool can optimize your savings by showing your team which vehicles come with insurance already included or by identifying when extra insurance may not be necessary. Experts can help you navigate your options for car rental insurance.

2. Take Advantage of Loyalty Points

You can save by creating a list of your frequently visited locations. That way, your travel management company matches you with the best perks and loyalty programs with preferred partners in the local area. A rental car program should be best suited to you – by letting a travel expert guide you to the best match, you’ll save in the long term. 

3. What About Car Shares?

Car shares are a great option for travel, but take notice: rental car companies are even more aggressive these days – and they’re trying to gain your business. Many are making attempts to provide car shares themselves in order to remain competitive in the market. A travel expert can help you navigate this changing industry and make it advantageous for your corporate travel needs.

4. Establish a Travel Policy

Make sure you revisit your travel policy as you consider what car rental program suits you best. Do you have limits on car size or mileage per day? Setting parameters for employees to follow helps a travel management company match you with your best option. Make sure these boundaries are clearly communicated to your team before departure.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Upgrades

Your employees might be tempted to pay for an upgrade on their ride upon arrival but a travel management professional can help your company take advantage of free upgrades. No need to arrive and bargain for those little extras – Forest Travel can do it for you. Ride in comfort on us and maximize your program today.
Even if you already have a travel policy and car rental program in place, Forest Travel can help you make the best of even bigger savings through our partners and affiliates that save money on car rental savings for business travel.

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