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What is a Destination Wedding

Luxury Weddings and Events

When couples decide to get married and exchange vows, many celebrate their ceremony in their dream location. As the name Destination Wedding suggests, it is a wedding that is celebrated in an exotic location. Destination Weddings often take place in tropical settings, such as the Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean. However, a destination wedding can take place anywhere from Europe to Australia, or anywhere in between. The added perk to planning a Destination Wedding is that your entire wedding party gets a mini vacation! What is more exciting than that?

Why Should You Plan A Destination Wedding?

There are many reasons why couples decide on celebrating their wedding in a specific destination. Here are a few -

  • Destination Weddings are actually less expensive than traditional weddings. Couples can save thousands of dollars, just by getting married abroad.
  • Couples are in love with a particular destination, and decide that getting married in their ‘paradise’ is right for them.
  • Couples with different backgrounds also choose Destination Weddings. Instead of deciding on one hometown over the other, couples choose a neutral destination that satisfies both families.
  • It offers a mini-vacation for the couple, the bridal party, and their families! Everyone can enjoy a long weekend (or an entire week).

Why Should Forest Travel Help Plan Your Wedding?

Forest Travel has been in the travel industry for over 30 years, and when Destination Weddings became even more popular we decided to start a Luxury Weddings and Events Department that focused solely on Destination Weddings.

As the years passed we have had the honor of planning several Destination Weddings in the Caribbean and now we are going global! Our dedicated team of Destination Wedding Specialists and support staff are not only the most experienced available, they love what they do.

At Forest Travel we make your Destination Wedding feel like a breeze. From beginning to end, our team of Destination Wedding Specialists makes the planning and coordination of your wedding as easy as possible. This way you can truly enjoy the process of your wedding, without worrying about minute details. We have chosen our team from the best-of-the-best in the industry, and you can be certain that your wedding will go off without a hitch.

We also don’t have any fees! Forest Travel is a unique hybrid between a travel agency and an event planner. We have built strong relationships with our vendors (hotels, airlines, etc.), so we don’t have to charge fees to you or your guests. Therefore, you have the opportunity to save even more when you plan your Destination Wedding with us. We truly want to make the wedding of your dreams come true, and pride ourselves on making all of our weddings a success. We simply ask that you commit to making your travel arrangements with us. Will you say “I do?”

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