Fusing Corporate Travel Management Apps with Your Policy

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March 14, 2020
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February 22, 2021
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Fusing Corporate Travel Management Apps with Your Policy

While there has always been a lot of fluctuation in when and how companies book business trips, the hassle of actually booking the trip hasn’t changed at all — at least if your company insists on booking travel the old fashioned way. Since the advent of smartphones and mobile technology, there has also been an explosion of travel management apps that could be the perfect way to keep your team on track.

Take a look at a few different categories of corporate travel tools and business travel softwares to learn where your company can streamline and simplify.

For Booking Travel

The problems for many companies start with the booking process. Your team may know where they’re going and for how long, but they may not know the best way to actually book the trip. Instead of letting them struggle, you can utilize a corporate travel agency to assist or create an administrative team internally that is responsible for booking all trips.

If you prefer to book internally, a travel management app like the Concur Travel platform allows everyone to book everything all in one place. You still need to provide clear guidelines for reimbursement, expenses, and other concerns, but you can more easily monitor employee actions with one of these apps.

For those that use a corporate travel agency, we already have all the business travel software you may need, so there’s no reason to go searching for additional tools at all!

Managing Travel Spending

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Even though your company has probably already created a company travel policy, your employees may still ignore or misunderstand regulations. Using travel management apps that monitor spending can help you keep an eye on employees — no matter where they are. Track payments and keep your budgets tight with corporate travel tools like SpendDesk or Concur Expense.

Additional Travel Tools

At Forest Travel, we believe that booking trips and managing spending are the two biggest struggles most companies face. Once you have a handle on these, there are still a few other helpful tools and services available.

Some travel management apps can build your itinerary just from confirmation emails, others can suggest an endless list of restaurants and activities based on your travel history, and still more provide assistance recouping travel costs for cancelled bookings. You can use an app for each of these things, or simply trust the team at Forest Travel to provide you all the assistance you need.

Managing Travel Better

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As you search for ways to better manage corporate travel, consider a few key applications to guide you to the right choices. You want to give your travelers more flexibility, track their spending in real time, stay under budget, and ensure the safety of your team. Forest Travel can help you with all of this. Book a demo with us today to learn more!

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