Employer’s Duty Of Care – Employee Travel Monitoring System

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Employer’s Duty Of Care – Employee Travel Monitoring System

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When you send employees out to other destinations for work, you are legally responsible for their safety. Your obligation to them doesn’t end when they leave the office. As long as they are performing their job duties on the clock — no matter where in the world they happen to be — your company needs to be there for them. Learn more about your duty of care as an employer and how to implement an employee travel monitoring system at Forest Travel today.

Risk Management

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you need to be able to track and connect with your employees at all times. Forest Travel offers you comprehensive resources to ensure all your employees are safe.

Before you send your employees away for work, research cities and countries to explore any common problems they may face while traveling. Whether it’s something as small as losing luggage or more serious issues like natural disasters or protests in the region, you should know all the risks your employees may need to handle.

Employee Training

Ensuring your employees know how to respond to any risks they encounter can also help you protect them. Provide complete information packets and training for the situations they are most likely to experience. With proper training, they’ll be prepared to manage any situation that may arise.

Online Booking Tools

At Forest Travel, our employee travel tracking software, Magnatech, takes care of every element associated with travel. You have access to all itineraries and timetables for all trips. Any time you wish to reach out to an employee or check on their whereabouts, you can contact your personal concierge for assistance. Your personal employee travel monitoring system will also send immediate alerts of any local warnings that your team will need to know about during travel.

Travel Checklists

Whether the checklist is part of your corporate travel policy or you create a travel list for each trip individually, you can help employees remember all the most important items to bring. Having a checklist can also help fulfill your duty of care to keep employees informed and prepared for any situation they may encounter. Your checklist should include:

  • Points of communication at home and abroad
  • Training bullet points for review
  • Health and safety information
  • Emergency management procedures
  • Procedure for itinerary changes
  • Basic necessities and travel paperwork

Since different places may have unique requirements, your travel checklist should be customized to fit each business trip.

Better Travel with Forest Travel

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From booking your entire company’s business trips to teaching you about the benefits of using a corporate travel booking tool, Forest Travel is on your side. Learn more about the advantages of implementing an employee travel monitoring system with our team today.

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