5 Best Practices for Protecting your Employees during Corporate Travel

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5 Best Practices for Protecting your Employees during Corporate Travel

travel risk management

Companies are talking about the duty of care nowadays, which means care towards traveling employees. In practice, the corporate travel risk management is used to “manage” or mitigate the “risks” associated
with the “travel.”
Some best practices may help your company to reduce the travel risk to an acceptable
level. What are these best practices? Let’s find out!

Conduct Risk Assessment

Conducting a risk assessment activity before booking a trip can help the company understand potential
risks. Issues like weather changes, targeted terrorist destinations, strike-prone locations, different food
exposure, and even jet leg take into consideration. If there is any risk, the company can reschedule
the trip or offer an alternative itinerary.

Develop a Crisis Management Plan

The world is a very unpredictable place nowadays. Especially, with the recent terrorism and chaos going
around, it is necessary for a company to have an extensive crisis management plan. This plan
will ensure that employees can have a detailed action plan in case of any unforeseeable adverse event.
Necessary things like emergency contact, training on the use of health insurance, 24/7 contact Emergency line
should be in place.

Real-time Tracking of the traveling employees

You must be thinking that it is a bit of a stretch, but is it? Real-time tracking has become more accessible due to
the new technologies available in the market. It is a very inexpensive way to keep track of your
employees and prove to be very beneficial when traveling in uncertain places. You Travel Management
Company and Online Booking Tool offer real-time tracking at no cost usually.

Confirming suppliers support the plan

Most companies use the services of corporate travel management companies to manage their
Employee’s travel. Every company has a different appetite for risk, so it is always a best practice to
ensure that you and the third-party are on the same page regarding the risk management of the
employees so all the necessary precautions are taken before scheduling the travel of the employees.

Educating the employees

All of the above plans are useless it doesn´t communicate adequately to the employees. Make sure that your travelers on the road are aware of all of the safety policies. Also, ensure that they
understand all possible course of actions in case they caught in the hazardous situation.

Learn more about employer’s duty of care and the existing tools to protect your employees.

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