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Large cruise ships, casinos, coral-filled waters, dazzling beaches, and top-notch cuisine are some of the main tourist attractions of this Caribbean gem. Serenity-seekers travel to this beautiful island to sprawl on the island’s silky sands, swim in luminous water, and treat themselves with one of the best live music scenes in the Western Hemisphere. Anguilla is your destination if you are a fan of the finer things in life and can appreciate a private getaway. 

Despite being small, Anguilla has 33 public beaches where the pearly sand meets turquoise water. Spend some time on Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay, and Shoal Bay, and you’ll have a great start to your beach hopping. You can also visit Anguilla’s top archaeological site, Fountain Cavern National Park, or enjoy the best sunset sail and cocktail hour to disconnect. 

Find your piece of paradise in Anguilla at the luxury resort villas in Cap Juluca Hotel, where you can enjoy a day practicing water sports or fishing with the locals. You can also take a private surfing lesson, try playing the Caribbean steel drums, or play coastal golf at Ani Villa Resort. Are you ready to recharge? We got you!

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