COVID-19 Policies and Precautions

Forest Travel is committed to delivering a convenient and safe travel experience to our clients, no matter how complicated the times may be. We know that the constantly changing COVID-19 travel restrictions outside the U.S. (and even inside the U.S.) can be confusing. Rest assured that as a team, we meet daily to discuss the most recent travel restrictions by country, research the latest virus developments, revise our best practices, and adapt the newest health and safety advancements. 

Essentially, Forest Travel keeps a careful watch on travel restrictions outside and inside the U.S. so that our clients don’t have to worry about missing an important new policy. We constantly monitor all travel restrictions by country and overseas travel restrictions for our clients to ensure their safety and the viability of their travel plans.

Our COVID-19 Precautionary Services

Corporate Travel Management

No matter if your business trip involves five people or five hundred, we’re here to offer an unsurpassed level of service. We will ensure your trip adheres to all travel restrictions outside the U.S. and domestically. We can arrange meetings, events, transportation, accommodation, and much more.

Travel Risk Management

We consistently assess all kinds of travel restrictions by country to proactively determine if your travel experience will be affected. Our tools help us to track your location and journey in real time, communicate any interruptions, and adjust to changing conditions.

Luxury Travel Management

If you need advisory services regarding overseas travel restrictions for luxury travel, we can gladly assist you. We will ensure your vacation is both safe and enjoyable. Our attention to detail guarantees that your vacation will go as smoothly as possible, so you can enjoy the leisure time you deserve.

General Travel Consulting

When it comes to corporate travel, we have an extensive history of ensuring employers and employees get a high return on investment while fulfilling their duty of care. We can assist you with every aspect of corporate travel, including managing corporate policies and educating your staff.

24/7 Assistance Before AND After Your Booking

We’re here to help and serve you throughout the duration of your trip — not just when you’re on a plane. If travel restrictions outside the U.S. change, Forest Travel will monitor all travel restrictions by country that are relevant to your travel plans. We alert you immediately to any new developments and immediately start working on new plans, if necessary. Forest Travel assists in re-accommodating or rerouting so that you can focus on the most important parts of your trip. 

Forest Travel handles any unexpected travel situations, including:

  • Accommodation cancellations or changes
  • Transportation cancellation or rerouting
  • Changes in health and safety regulations
  • New travel restrictions by countries
  • And much more

With over 30 years in the travel industry, Forest Travel is no stranger to dealing with travel restrictions. Our industry expertise and experience prepared us to adapt to this pandemic skillfully while still providing safety and comfort to our clients. That’s what we’ve done and will continue to do for as long as necessary.

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