Corporate Travel Programs

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Corporate Travel Programs

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At Forest Travel, we can help you put together customizable corporate travel programs that enhance company trips by ensuring employee safety and cutting expenses each go around. As we strive to evolve with the technology available and the needs of customers, we’ve partnered with premier app developers that track traveler behavior in a number of ways. Learn more about our corporate travel software and customizations here.

Travel Apps Help

For individuals who are arranging personal travel, there are several apps that are backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence to suggest which airlines, hotels, and car rentals would work best for them. At Forest Travel, we do something similar — but for your entire corporation. Through the Concur platform alone, you can customize your preferences for online booking, receive reporting, and set your travel policy in stone to be auto-accepted by employees. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, utilizing Magnatech will provide traveler tracking, and if needed, you can contact our dedicated 24-hour response teams. Our focus is to create the best corporate travel program for your company’s specific needs.

Working with Airlines

Sorting through the various options for flights can be a massive headache for any company that sends their employees on frequent trips. While you can try to pass on booking responsibilities to the employees themselves and reimburse them later, why risk higher costs and mishaps if you don’t have to? With customized corporate travel programs through Forest Travel, you work with trusted advisors who know the industry, and are partnered with a number of respected airlines. Whether it’s through suggestions made by our corporate travel software or preset preferences used on your behalf, you can be sure that the tickets booked for your company are always the best option.

Aggregating Relevant Data

Depending on your company’s corporate travel policy, your employees may be responsible for purchases made while traveling. Since Forest Travel has been working with companies like yours for years, knowing about these ancillary transactions can ensure an enhanced travel experience through personalized recommendations that depend upon frequency of travel, destinations, and daily stipends for employees. Our recommendations for food, convenience stores, rental agencies, and more through the corporate travel program’s policy can streamline day to day activities so that employees don’t have to worry about finding necessities in an unfamiliar place.

Partner With Forest Travel

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Our top priorities are employee protection, happiness, and productivity on every trip. Through customization on each journey, your employees and by extension, your company, has to deal with less of the hassle and headache associated with business trips. 
If you’re ready to work with a team that can take your corporate travel to the next level, get in touch with us today to schedule a demo and see how we can help you save up to 30% on your overall travel spending.

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