Corporate Travel Booking Tools

Typically, the process of corporate travel booking can overwhelm even the most organized businesses. The time-consuming struggle of searching for cost-effective airfare, hotel rooms, and transportation does little for the productivity of your employees or the budget being worked with. Rather than becoming your own travel agent, our corporate travel booking tools allow you to maximize your time spent away from the office while reducing travel costs at each step.

Leading Travel Applications

Aside from garnering an extensive list of partnerships with major hotel brands and being part of the Virtuoso network, we also work with some of the top software development companies today. Our online booking tools are designed to increase trip productivity, mitigate risk, and optimize your travel budget. Here are just three of the applications we use:

Concur Travel & Expense

Once Forest Travel activates your company profiles, employers can upload and enforce travel policies via the Concur platform. Snapshots of employee purchases are auto-generated and stored in digital folders for expense reporting


Upon arrival, employee tracking is of utmost importance, especially depending on the region. Not only does Magnatech software allow for realtime traveller tracking, it also monitors flights and issues travel alerts—an essential for travel abroad.

Saved Preferences & Instant Reporting

By utilizing the applications listed above, your corporate travel booking experience is effortless from beginning to end. Before takeoff, our dedicated travel agents can help review your past booking methods and travel policies to see where improvements can be made. After your first business trip using these tools, our account managers will be able to optimize your budgets even further by analyzing specific employee spending habits.

Frequent travelers can make use of our corporate travel booking tools to save such preferences for quicker booking each trip. While travel policy can be enforced via the Concur app, employees still have room to decide on specific items they’d like to purchase. Search filters allow travelers to customize their experience while still remaining within company policy.

The reporting capabilities of Concur aren’t just for logging receipts for reimbursement, they are identifiers of patterns across company spending. Through examining expense reports, Forest Travel can negotiate better rates for upcoming trips to significantly reduce travel costs.
Are you an employer looking to minimize expenses on corporate travel booking? Book a demo with Forest Travel today to see first hand the benefits we can bring to your travel experience.