Corporate Travel Agent

As an employer, handling corporate travel arrangements by yourself is intimidating and usually won’t result in efficient spending. After all, there are so many boxes to check, and so much to learn about the best methods for cutting costs.

At Forest Travel, our business travel agency supplies a dedicated travel agent that has the knowledge necessary to enhance your corporate travel program. We understand everything that goes into corporate travel—from the need to lock down affordable rates to the importance of traveller safety.

A Business Travel Agency That Cares

Our corporate travel agents go above and beyond to assist anyone embarking on business trips. While we absolutely help employers set up their online booking tools to determine the best airfare, hotel, and transportation prices, our management goes many steps further.

Before your trips, our business travel agency can help amend or recreate your travel policy to encompass the needs of your employees. With a detailed policy set, employees can effortlessly book reservations online without having to search endlessly for the best deals or constantly review the policy. Your dedicated account manager can show you how to monitor the analytics related to spending patterns and travel habits to effectively reduce costs next trip.

Above all, our commitment to your trips’ success is shown by our corporate travel agent’s 24/7 availability throughout the duration of your trip. They’re prepared to answer any questions or assist at a moment’s notice.

Over 30 Years of Expertise

With over three decades in the travel industry helping companies facilitate the best corporate travel experiences, it’s not a question of whether we have the tools to upgrade your corporate travel program—it’s a question of how much you want to save this go-around. Our travel agents are professionals with a range of budget-extending techniques that have saved brands anywhere from 18-30% on their travel expenses.

Take a look at our corporate travel services to see how we can improve your company trips. Before scheduling the next round of trips for employees this year, see what a business travel agency like Forest Travel can bring to the table. Book at demo with us today.