May 10, 2018
travel risk management

5 Best Practices for Protecting your Employees during Corporate Travel

Companies are talking about the duty of care nowadays, which means care towards traveling employees. In practice, the corporate travel risk management is used to “manage” or mitigate the “risks” associated with the “travel.” Some best practices may help your company to reduce the travel risk to an acceptable level. What are these best practices? Let’s find out! Conduct Risk Assessment […]
February 14, 2018
unused ticket management

5 Ways to Manage Unused Corporate Travel Tickets

Technological innovation has enabled us to predict many things before they actually occur, such as weather conditions, market situation, and economic status. However, irrespective of technological assistance, corporate seminars, and well-formulated meeting agendas can still be unpredictable.The workshops may get canceled or postponed regularly, resulting in inevitable accumulation of unused airline tickets for a business travel program. But should your […]
February 6, 2018
Corporate travel online booking tool

Benefits Of The Most Popular Corporate Travel Booking Tool

The Internet has made many things easy, with improved quality. An online booking tool (OBT) is an innovative and free online reservation system. Organizations use OBT to manage their corporate travel online at any time and anywhere. Along with making reservations, a most popular corporate travel booking tool allows companies to view real-time data on their corporate travel expense, monitor […]