Business Travel Safety Checklist for Company Trips Abroad

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Business Travel Safety Checklist for Company Trips Abroad

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When traveling abroad, the safety and security of your employees is paramount. Even with corporate training and plenty of traveling safety tips, for every trip that goes off without a hitch, there could be one where something unexpected happens. To avoid any irregularities the next time your employees go out of town, have them review the business travel safety checklist from Forest Travel here.

1. Research Your Destination

The first item on our business travel safety checklist includes researching your destination. Whether you ask employees to do this themselves or you offer them a premade packet they can peruse, everyone who is traveling to that destination should be familiar with cultural customs, weather patterns, civil unrest, local laws, and the availability of medical care.

While in certain parts of the world your employees may need to be aware of hurricane season or other drastic weather changes, in other areas, they might need to be more concerned with protests or current political issues. They should be aware of all extenuating circumstances in addition to your regular travel policies.

2. Check Your Travel Documents

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When traveling internationally, your delegates or employees will always have to prove their right to travel. The proper travel documents and visas are critical to be allowed entry and exit from certain nations. You must add document research to the business travel safety checklist to discover what kind of visas need to be obtained, how long your employees are allowed to be in the country, and how much the visa application or the visa itself costs. Also, ensuring that employee passports are valid will save a big headache when it’s time to embark on their journey.

3. Renew Vaccinations

Some parts of the world are less developed than others — with more exposure to viruses and diseases your employees may not have to deal with where they currently live. Release a list of required vaccinations for the specific countries they’re visiting to allow employees time to update their shots. You should also warn them of safety issues with water or food in whichever country they’re visiting, as well as concerns with altitude, heat, or cold that could affect them. Providing them a list of symptoms to watch out for regarding illnesses should be an important part of your  business travel safety checklist and can minimize travel risks.

4. Confirm Transportation Options

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Depending on the company, the length of the visit, and the availability and cost of transportation, your employees may have more than one option. It’s simple to engage a driver in some countries, while in others, it makes more sense for employees to rent their own vehicles. One of the best ways to keep company spending in line and produce safer commutes during the trip is by implementing a car rental policy within your travel policy. Sometimes, public transportation is even a viable option. Balance safety and affordability when you look into transportation in each specific country.
Are you ready to book travel for your company trip abroad? Reach out to the experts at Forest Travel to discover a new way to plan your trips as well as travel safety tips to help you ensure a successful journey.

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