How to Manage Unused Corporate Travel Tickets

Corporate Travel - Jan 04, 2019

How to Manage Unused Corporate Travel Tickets

Unused tickets can be a massive inconvenience for companies that have frequent business travel expenses. It’s nearly impossible to plan a perfect business trip where all your employees attend and everyone makes their flight. It can also be difficult to keep track of pre-purchased tickets that are awaiting usage. If you’re ready to stop wasting money on extra tickets, corporate ticket management could be easier than you think.

Why You Have Unused Tickets

Many companies have so many wasted tickets due to planning all their business trips internally. With little guidance or support from a professional agency, organization and coordination is extremely difficult. Choosing to work with a travel management company can minimize the hassle, lower the number of unused air tickets, and make business travel much easier for your team.

A travel management company can help you utilize unused tickets in ways you didn’t consider before. Explore this blog now to find out how to save on your travel expenses.

Keeping Track of Company Data

baggage tracking for airlines

When you work with a travel management company like Forest Travel, you get in-depth documentation that keeps you updated about all unused tickets, values, and expiration dates. All this extra information can ensure you make informed decisions about what to do when you have a surplus of tickets. Detailed profiles of travelers, airlines, and more are all part of the services we offer.

Automated Responses

You’re looking to efficiently reallocate resources that were previously used to book online tickets or other reservations whenever a better alternative emerges. With automated responses to unused tickets, Forest Travel streamlines your booking capabilities and lowers the risk to company finances during all travel expenses and corporate ticket management.

Automated responses can also be triggered as reminders for whenever your unused airline tickets are about to expire. You get notified and then immediately decide whether you can use that ticket now or get a refund through airlines or travel management companies.

Recouping Costs for Wasted Tickets

If you have a surplus of tickets due to cancellations or postponement, there are other ways you can recoup the cost. Forest Travel has a number of resources and relationships that can be utilized to find you better deals than you could find on your own. Through our 24 hour services and specialty concierge experience, you can rebook other travel arrangements that maintain the original cost of the trip — even if you forfeit the original ticket price. 

Working with Professionals

The entire purpose of working with a travel management company is to reduce unused tickets, unnecessary costs, and rebooking needs. Forest Travel guarantees much more than convenience and comfort throughout your business travels, our company also ensures you stay within your budget through customized recommendations for cost-effective purchases.

If your company has had too much trouble with unused corporate travel tickets, Forest Travel can help you manage every aspect of your corporate business trips. Let our team help you avoid extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances and improperly booked travel arrangements.

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