Use Online Booking Tool to Enforce Travel Policy and Gain Many Benefits

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Consumers always choose what is convenient and cost-effective to them. The increasing use of computers and mobile phones has significantly replaced physical travel offices with online travel agencies (OTAs). It has also introduced meta-search engines or aggregate listings from travel booking sites. Businesses can also make the most of the online booking tools (OBT) to meet their corporate travel needs through site customizations. A company may use an online booking tool for corporate travel policy compliance to benefit its employees in a number of ways, including the following:

1. Lower Booking Costs

Ticket purchased through an OBT render lower transaction charges than the one made with an agent. For example, a travel management company, charging an average fee of $30 or more for a service, can be availed at its fifth through an OBT.

2. Decreased Employee Spending

OBTs serve as a bridge, connecting you with cheapest available options in flights, hotel bookings, etc. The cost of employee booking a simple itinerary through OBTs is lesser than booking directly through an agent.

3. Travel Policy Enforcement

Using OBT ensures savings compared to open market booking. You can configure OBT to highlight your preferred vendors, remove or flag options to meet your corporate policies, refuse non-compliant bookings, and provide employees with policy reminders. Your business operations are streamlined when it uses an online Booking tool to enforce travel policy, as formulated by your company.

4. Care Compliance Responsibility

A centralized booking system ensures proper management of itinerary records necessary to track and communicate with employees during crisis situations.

5. Comprehensive Data Recording and Enhanced Reporting

Corporate travel bookings made via an official platform ensure updated reporting of travel spending. Since a verifiable travel volume ensures increased discount rates for the company using OBT, a comprehensive data recording is essential for accounting purposes. The data positively assists negotiations with suppliers.

After researching on their smartphone, 79% of mobile travelers in 2017 completed a booking, which is significantly higher than the 70% who did so in 2016. (Google, 2017)

If you are seeking a secure, convenient and cost-effective online booking tool to enforce travel policy for your business that will ensure increased employee savings, care compliance duty, and enhanced reporting, you need to partner with a Travel Management Company. Forest Travel has been providing corporate travel, leisure, cruises, space travel, event management, and meeting arrangement services to its valued customers for past three decades.

By: Carmen Stinson

Corporate Travel Director at Forest Travel Agency

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