5 Ways to Manage Unused Corporate Travel Tickets

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February 6, 2018
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February 20, 2018

Technological innovation has enabled us to predict many things before they actually occur, such as weather conditions, market situation, and economic status. However, irrespective of technological assistance, corporate seminars, and well-formulated meeting agendas can still be unpredictable.The workshops may get canceled or postponed regularly, resulting in inevitable accumulation of unused airline tickets for a business travel program. But should your company accept it as an inevitable loss? Certainly, no! It’s because the partnership with a Travel Management Company (TMC) can provide you with an organized unused ticket management, resulting in improved control of travel expense, maximizing your savings. A well-formulated corporate travel management solution can simplify traveling processes with enhanced reporting, rendering you many other benefits as follows:

1.         Retain Full Value of the Unused Tickets

You receive an email notification, reminding that you have an unused ticket few days (as per the policy of partnered TMC) before any trip. The purpose of letting you know, regarding your unused ticket, is that if you aren’t planning to travel, you should cancel the trip before the travel date. Such management of unused tickets ensures that you don’t lose the full value of the ticket.

2.         Enhanced Reporting and Compliance for Unused Tickets

Your company receives a monthly detailed report on every unutilized ticket, which is still available. The report contains the names of travelers and airlines, and the ticket value and expiration date. Such a type of compiled record keeps you well-informed of corporate traveling matters.

3.         Improved Productivity

Automated tools for management of unused tickets ensure intensified accuracy and enhanced proficiencies, rendering you resource reallocation and better productivity.

4.         Proactive Approach

When you log into the online setup of your partnered TMC, it proactively reminds you to make the most of your unused ticket.

5.         Cost Reduction

Resource reallocation and increased compliance ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency in recuperating unused tickets.

Forest Travel can help you with smart management of unused tickets and provide you simplified traveling processes, improved productivity, and enhanced reporting, ensuring ample savings with a proactive attitude.

By Carmen Stinson

Corporate Travel Director at Forest Travel

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