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Such travel agencies can help you with necessary as well as luxurious travel arrangements, including itinerary scheduling, flight ticketing and reservations, recommendation on the best fares, accommodation, car transfers, and passport and visa assistance. Most of them also provide 24/7 emergency support, foreign exchange service, and global risk supervision, along with alerts to make sure your employees come back safely.

Travel Discounts

Since corporate travel agencies work with a variety of customers and consequently establish strong relationships with various travel brands, they can enable you to avail fantastic travel management solutions. You can enjoy new discounts on several products and services, alongside availing many other benefits, like cheap car rentals, room upgrades, in-house hotel breakfasts, lavish meals, flight upgrades, etc.

Itinerary Changes

When you directly book with an airline or make reservations using an online booking service, most often, you excessively charge for making changes in your trip plan after booking. However, when booking through a corporate travel agency, you are privileged to make travel and itinerary changes without incurring any extra costs.

Industry Access and Best Knowledge

Most agencies, providing travel management solutions, have access to a lot of travel resources, and they are aware of how to get hold of such resources promptly. Hence, these can provide you with the best and most accurate information regarding various subjects, such as flight paths improvement choices, lowest prices, and additional knowledge, ensuring your employees’ enhanced comfort and convenience during the trips.

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