Your Travel Program Done Right: Best Ways to Use Your Travel Account Manager

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April 4, 2018
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Imagine, you are looking forward to an important business trip, but you tangle between numerous travel options, last minute changes, and expense report nightmare! In such a case, you need to have a travel consultant to help you plan a fruitful trip. Also, the Account Manager will be helpful in establishing the entire travel program management that will track purchases to alleviate expense reports discrepancies. You can concentrate on the business aspects of your trip without worrying about your travel details. Here are the best ways to use your travel account manager:

Travel Consolidation

Your dedicated Account Manager will set the quality control tools to ensure all data gathered during the booking process. Besides, they will implement efficient and secure payment options that will lead to better reconciliations process. Your travel policy is the basis for an active travel program, and today’s available technology will ensure compliance is at its highest levels.


The Account Manager will point out a wide range of insights into your corporate travel patterns and needs. Travel consolidation will aid them in proposing current practices that could be enhanced, such as costly last minute bookings. Or on the contrary, a big tab on exchange fees caused for advanced purchased. The Account Manager will also advise you on the latest technology to ease the pain of travel, such as virtual card and expense report platforms. In short, your travel policy will get an ambassador whose responsibility is to balance employee satisfaction and budgeted goals.

Vendor Relationship

Your Account Manager is an extension of your company. It is the sole person responsible for user-friendly booking platforms, the process in place for a speedy month-end reconciliation, and your expert consultant in all travel matters. The relationship should set as a partnership from the beginning, in which client and agency are working towards a common goal. The best Account Managers are not known to be outsiders: in fact, they are the people client’s count on during emergencies. Who would trust that to a pure vendor?

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BY: Carmen Stinson

Corporate Travel Director – Forest Travel Agency

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