Ensure Efficiency with an Automated Corporate Travel Approval System

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The manual process of ticket booking involves many phases prior to approval: requests, quotes, alternatives, re-confirmations, itineraries, invoices etc. However, innovation in technology has enabled businesses to shift from a time-consuming process to a more efficient one, known as a corporate travel management solution. Featuring an automated corporate travel approval system makes approval process easier and better. The system is a web-based smart software solution, that enables the employees to make a travel request, book their travel, get approval, make payments, and get details regarding their travel expenses. Consequently, it automates the complete travel process, making business trips easy for companies to manage and employees to travel. The ability to approve and decline instantly, via email and apps, enables the “approvers” to make quick decisions and take actions for multiple travel trips, simultaneously. The entire travel process becomes systematic so that one can also check the approval history.

How does a Corporate Travel Management Solution work?

  • Rules are customized at the back-end of the corporate travel booking system.
  • Employee logs into the automated corporate travel approval system.
  • The system allows members to select the preferred travel modes and dates.
  • Approver receives a travel request for approval that includes alternative options to the one selected.
  • Upon ensuring that the travel requests meet corporate policies and verifying the purpose of travel, the approver approves the request.
  • The system is often available on desktop, tablet as well as a mobile version for convenient use.


Mentioned below are some major advantages of an Automated Corporate Travel Approval System:

  1. Efficiency: The efficient automation process eliminates time-consuming steps and manual approvals.
  2. Insights: The enhanced reporting, as a result of automated travel management solution, streamlines the auditing processes and helps businesses make improved decisions. It enables the approvers to check the overall travel itineraries just in a single dashboard.
  3. Smart Change Management: It features customizable notification that punctually alerts the employees to make policy changes, and encourages the best choice.
  4. Control: It ensures that the corporate travelers are making the most of their trip within estimated budgets. It also monitors the performance of approvers, like, whether any delay or mismanagement has caused the employer to pay more.

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By Carmen Stinson

Corporate Travel Director at Forest Travel Agency

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