Business Travel Essentials for Managers

Corporate Travel - Feb 18, 2020

Business Travel Essentials for Managers

Planning a flawless business trip for your company requires careful planning and professional attention to detail. Factors that can make or break your trip: travel policy, health considerations, locational customs, and emergency planning. As a manager, you need to ensure the safety of your team while still meeting your business goals during travel. Here are some business travel essentials and best practices that can make the difference between a smooth or a turbulent journey.

1. Create A Travel Policy

Your travel policy is ground zero in creating an outlook of concern for your company and its employees. As a manager, you may decide to create one yourself. For a different and perhaps more thorough approach, you may also choose to invite the assistance of an experienced travel agency to help develop your long-term goals and business travel essentials for employees on domestic and international trips.

2. Consider Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

You don’t want your employees to be limited in their mobility due to pre-existing conditions. Nor do you want to put them in a tough spot if they embark on a business trip for you and have trouble obtaining the specialized care they need. Consider the following options:

  • Allow employees to access training modules that educate them on risks abroad
  • Be transparent about the type of care available during the trip
  • Provide guidance to your employees on obtaining pre-clearance from a physician before they depart, if needed

A corporate travel agency can inform your employees on the insights and best practices related to pre-existing conditions and medical access.

3. Location

view from plane window

As a manager, you have the ability to influence final travel destinations; don’t take this responsibility lightly. Safety should always be a top priority. Of course, sometimes a specific location is a hotspot to create valuable connections in business. Travel essentials like customs education, health care, and appropriate accommodations should still be a top priority for your team. An experienced travel agency helps you navigate the pros and cons of business travel in any given location.

4. Emergency Procedures

You can’t always predict what emergencies may arise during travel. From natural disasters to acts of war, your travel policy should cover how to respond in an emergency situation. At Forest Travel, our dedicated travel advisors are available for your team 24/7, and our applications will keep you informed of local warnings. This allows the manager to:

  • Track employee location
  • Communicate quickly and effectively
  • Reroute flights or add additional transport as needed 

Don’t sit back and hope for the best – come up with a strategy for your employees in every scenario. 

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