Bicycle Tours

If you’re a traveler interested in exploring all the sights your destination has to offer, bike tours are an ideal, fun and entertaining way to accomplish this adventure. With a vast selection of bike tours worldwide, we make it easy to find just the right one with everything you are looking for.

Canal/River Cruising

Canal/River Cruising is a magnificent way to relax and travel via rivers instead of rail or road. Throughout your cruising time you will have many opportunities to take photos of ancient castles, pretty scenery, historical sites or awe-inspiring monuments.


If you’re interested in fun water activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends, canoeing and kayaking are is exactly what you’re looking for. It offers the opportunity to bond with your peers while also admiring the beauty of nature.


If you’re looking for a new type of adventure or are simply looking for an activity that will test you physically and mentally, rock climbing is the activity for you. Here at Forest Travel we will assist you in finding the best rock climbing locations for the ultimate experience.

Expedition Cruises

Expedition Cruises are designed to create experiences that foster an understanding and appreciation of the most remote and pristine places around the world.


Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or flying solo, fishing is a great activity to include in your traveling plans. Not only is it a fun outdoor activity for just about everyone, but also you don’t need to be an expert to have an enjoyable time. No matter your destination, we can tell you where to find a great catch!


Just because you’re going away for vacation doesn’t mean you can’t play the game you love elsewhere. Whether you’re a competitive golfer or a weekend enthusiast looking to challenge your skills, visit some of the greatest golf courses that the world has to offer while on your trip.


If you’re a traveler interested in taking on a hiking adventure, Forest Travel knows all the right places that will lead you to an extraordinary time. Whether you’re alone or with the company of friends, we know just how to satisfy your traveling needs.

Horseback Riding

Many traveling destinations offer horseback riding as attractions for couples and the entire family. If you’re looking for a horseback riding adventure for your next vacation, Forest Travel will guide you to best of the best.

Scuba Diving

Discover marine life, pristine coral reefs and its critters by going on a Scuba Diving trip on your next vacation. With a wide selection of destinations to choose from, Forest Travel will help you find just the perfect location for an incredible underwater experience.



Of all the snow sports that exist, skiing and snowboarding are amongst the two top ones. If a trip to the slopes is on your mind for your next trip, Forest Travel will assist you with numerous locations to choose from.