Who We Are

Forest Travel is more than just one of the biggest travel agencies in the state of Florida. When we first began to help people fulfill their travel bucket lists, we called Chicago home. More than 30 years later, we're known for our innovations, our expert dedicated travel agents, and our ability to book any type of vacation that our clients desire.

Our dedicated travel agents epitomize our mission to understand both the corporate travel industry and the customers who want to get away from it all. Since our inception, we've built up a staff of advisors with knowledge about every travel niche. We have the latest technology to save you time and money with custom online booking tools, expense management/automation, Duty of Care, travel policy compliance and much more.

Going a step further, we've used everything we've learned about the travel industry to create a variety of affiliate companies. Each one is tailored to a particular area of travel. Our brand includes Fly Executive, Luxury Cruise Connections, Ultimate Jet Vacations, and www.forestdirect.com. As a result, Forest Travel is a one-stop travel management company that allows you to craft the best corporate travel program or schedule your getaway.


Oh, The Places You'll Go

Our differences lie in the wide-ranging versatility we offer across the spectrum of the travel industry. We can send you anywhere, by any means. Planes, trains, and automobiles are available to get you where you need to go, be it Cincinnati for business or Paris for pleasure. Travel by jet for the true jetsetter experience, or spend two fun-filled weeks aboard a cruise ship.

Would you prefer to head toward Brazil, or would a cruise around European ports suit you better?



The reason you're traveling matters to us. Each type of trip you book can be customized to suit specific travel requirements. For corporate travel, our easy to use applications like Concur, and Magnatech can help you accomplish all of your needs from setting travel policy to reducing employee spending.

Luxury holidays are directly in our wheelhouse, as well. In addition to a selection of both affordable and high-end cruises, we can help you to put together a package at an all-inclusive resort or a spa. If adventure is in your wheelhouse, then consider an expedition cruise or a safari adventure. For the ultimate thrill, you can explore space with Forest Travel as your travel agency.

From corporate travel and leisure breaks to family vacations and romantic honeymoons, the world is waiting to be explored. Forest Travel can help you take the first step toward your next adventure.