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May 26, 2017
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February 6, 2018

Nobody loves unexpected travel changes. Similarly, airline reservation change is one of the things that no one likes to make. Traveling last minute to meet a family member, friend or loved one who is admitted to the hospital, or to attend a funeral is stressful.

Some time ago, most airlines used to provide generous emergency travel services for corporate travelers. Known as compassion or bereavement fares, they offered substantially more than normal discounts on regular airfares, to ease the burden of the eleventh hour. Unfortunately, such trend is phasing out among many airlines today as tickets are already heavily discounted. But, some airlines still offer either a different rate or a flat discount on existing airfares, as determined by the carrier. However, policies vary airline to airline.

Typically, only immediate family members can avail bereavement fares. In some cases, applicants for such a fare must provide evidence of an emergency. The documentation may require an official letter from a physician along with name, address, and contact details of the hospital, funeral home or hospice to qualify for the discount.

The stress may not let you think clearly in an emergency situation. Therefore, consider the following options for your convenience and savings:


6 Traveling Tips when emergency arises

emergency travel services for corporate travelers

  1. Check out airfare on the airline’s website and compare it with the charges you were quoted via phone. It may be cheaper.
  2. It would be an excellent idea to check prices for all airlines, providing emergency travel services for corporate travelers that are within a reasonable distance from your residence. The shortest drive to a less convenient carrier could save a good amount of money.
  3. Alternatively, make the most of a comparison shopping website to compare multiple carriers and booking sources, once at a time.
  4. Search online for specials on different airline websites.
  5. Make the most of frequent flyer miles. Irrespective of limited seat availability, many airlines allow for an award travel at an increased redemption rate, enabling you to book any seat on any flight.
  6. Consider using a travel agent as they have resources that you don’t base on vendor relationship.


To enhance emergency travel services for corporate travelers, Forest Travel has a 24-hour emergency line to satisfactorily take care of any complications, and serve last minute trips and urgent flight changes.


By: Carmen Stinson
Corporate Travel Director at Forest Travel Agency